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Jodi has been seen on NBC's Today, ABC's Good Morning America and CBS's The Early Show. She has also been quoted in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and USA Today, and magazines ranging from Real Simple to Redbook to Latina and AARP. She has been a featured guest on radio shows from coast to coast and in Canada.

CNN (July 14)
Proper etiquette for every occasion

ABC News (December 13)
10 Joyful Ways to Handle Holiday Grinches

WGBH (December 13)
The Do's And Don'ts Of Office Holiday Parties

CNN (November 13)
Food fight! Disarm a combative holiday dinner

CBS The Early Show (November 13)
Holiday Tipping Guide

NECN (August 13)
Pregnancy etiquette: From touching the belly to asking about the name

NECN (July 13)
Tips: What not to say to a new mom

NECN (July 13)
Wedding etiquette: Guests don't have to give amount of price per plate

NBC News (June 13)
Starbucks' baristas must split tips with supervisors, court rules

NECN (May 13)
Etiquette expert busts some stereotypes of second marriages

NECN (May 13)
Tips: Manners to remember in public

NECN (January 13)
How to be a polite sick person

NECN (December 12)
Gift-opening etiquette

NECN (December 12)
Surviving the season: Tips on holiday tipping

NECN (December 12)
Great jeans debate: Are they appropriate for work?

NECN (November 12)
Office party etiquette

NECN (November 12)
Mind your manners this Thanksgiving

NECN (October 12)
Tipping 101: Avoid the blunders in tipping

NECN (July 12)
Remembering summertime work etiquette

ABC News (December 11)
How to Be the Life of the Party

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